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11 June 2018

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saint mount [2]
24 May 2018

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28 April 2018

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My old GF
20 January 2016

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as Tehran's Sky was clean
28 December 2015

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25 December 2015

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a tribute to our birds !
26 December 2013

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Baba J ♥
23 July 2013

Recent Comments

fereshteh. on ShroomyShroomZzz
متفاوت و زیبا

tataray on ShroomyShroomZzz

grouser on ShroomyShroomZzz
Magic ones :)

Elaheh . Ƹl¡ on ShroomyShroomZzz
افکتی جالب.

Aminus3 Discover on ShroomyShroomZzz
Thanks for contributing your story to Aminus3 Discover. It has been posted here

Devi on ShroomyShroomZzz
wow...lovely shpot of mushrooms !!! Lovely !

Steve Rice on ShroomyShroomZzz
A very cool effect.

Existence Artistique on ShroomyShroomZzz

omid on ShroomyShroomZzz
ثبت ماکرویِ قشنگ ... فوکوس و فلو، رنگها، بافت ها و قارچ های ...

badtgv on ShroomyShroomZzz

farNaaz50 on ray of love
بافت تنه ی درخت بافت تنه ی درخت ...

pascale on ray of love
lovely colors

badtgv on ray of love

Devi on ray of love
this is beauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful !!!!!

Benkirane Thami on ray of love
La sève et la chlorophylle: une alliance hautement cruciale pour la vie! Une belle invitation à admirer ...

omid on ray of love
زیباست و باصفا ... چه رنگها و نورهای خوبی

Existence Artistique on ray of love
bien ce vert

Steve Rice on ray of love
A beautiful shot of the trail through the rich green forest.

Mhelene on ray of love
Beautiful , a superb green .

Jypyä Pop on ray of love
Good tittle

grouser on ray of love
lovely light and textures

tataray on amuse
Magnifique ces boutons de plantes. Très vivaces.

fereshteh. on amuse
چقدر سبز :)

badtgv on amuse

Steve Rice on amuse
Interesting green plants.

Existence Artistique on amuse
bien ce vert

omid on amuse
گیاه شاداب ... رنگِ جذاب و زنده

Jypyä Pop on amuse

Benkirane Thami on amuse
Un hymne chlorophylle au présent et au futur de la fleur! Bonne fin de semaine lumineuse!

pascale on amuse
wat is this plant ? lovely green :)

Devi on amuse
That looks lovely...buds ?

badtgv on natural [virtual]

tataray on natural [virtual]
Magnifique nature.

pascale on natural [virtual]
wonderful scenery

Steve Rice on natural [virtual]
A pretty forest scene.

Existence Artistique on natural [virtual]

Mhelene on natural [virtual]
Beautiful composition

Devi on natural [virtual]
wow...a beautiful spot !! Great capture :)

grouser on natural [virtual]

omid on natural [virtual]
کادر، رنگـــــــــها، نورها، سایه ها و طبیعت خیلی قشنگ

badtgv on Zen mount

tataray on Zen mount
Très impressionnant.

Steve Rice on Zen mount
A beautiful image of the rock and trickling water.

omid on Zen mount
شگفت انگیز و باشکوهه

Existence Artistique on Zen mount
bien cette recherche

Luca Bobbiesi on Zen mount
Beautiful work!

Devi on Zen mount
Terrific impressive shot here !

grouser on peace of mind
Bucolic scene

Steve Rice on peace of mind
A lovely green wood. Indeed, a place to relax and enjoy.

Existence Artistique on peace of mind

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